Hello and welcome to PvZCC Vs Minecraft Wiki! In this wiki. its basically Plants Vs Zombies but instead, the Plants will be from PvZCC Wiki/PvZ Wiki and the Zombies will be from Minecraft/Minecraft Ideas Wiki!

Remember: You can only use Plants from PvZ and PvZCC Wiki and Mobs/Entities/Blocks from Minecraft Wiki and Minecraft Ideas Wiki.

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  • We don't own all PvZCC or Minecraft Ideas Wiki Creations.
  • You can indeed, earn Rollback from the "Ready For Rollback?" Achivement.


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This is the staff section. The users from each section will be sorted from Earliest and Latest.

Founders and Bureaucrats

These users are the head of the Wiki. They give all the user rights. They are colored Lime.


These users delete/undelete, block/unblock, as well as protect/unprotect. They are colored Royal Blue.

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These users can ban/unban and kick users on chat. They are colored Purple.


These users can revert multiple edits. They are colored Deep Pink.

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